Dallas Seavey

A unique speaker who has a dynamic story for any event.


Dallas Seavey Speaking Events

Dallas is an enthusiastic and charismatic story teller that has a natural ability to engage an audience and convey a message. His extensive international experience has honed his skills as a keynote speaker.

Dallas isn’t the type of speaker that shows up, does his 45 minutes and disappears. Dallas believes that the presentation is only the first step, and is always willing to continue the conversation with attendees on a one-on-one basis during breaks, breakout sessions, and other event gatherings. Many companies opt to have Dallas attend multiple days of their events to continue to converse with the attendees on an individual basis.

Every presentation is customized for your audience’s specific needs. Dallas works with you to build a presentation that encompasses your organization's core values, areas of focus, and current challenges. Ask about having Dallas bring one of his Iditarod champion lead dogs to your event for that special touch.


Featured Topics


Be inspired by Dallas’ passionate and masterful delivery of his compelling story of becoming the youngest world champion in long distance racing. Learn how he was able to take a group of tier two athletes and raise them to the highest level in the world of mushing by understanding each team member’s strengths and weakness and developing each athlete to their highest potential. Ultimately building an untouchable team that won the world championships of long distance racing, the Iditarod, placing Dallas in the history books as the youngest Iditarod champion ever. If that wasn’t enough, every dog in his team had been cast off by his competitors. He literally beat the world of mushing with their own rejects. 

Using these same development systems and leadership tactics Dallas went on to break the Iditarod speed record twice, dominate a sport as few have done, and forever change how we view development and team building!


The tougher the going the harder it is to beat Dallas Seavey! It’s not just that he can grit his teeth and power through a blizzard, it’s his ability to continue to make tactically sound decisions encompassing a tremendous amount of information in the worst possible situations while operating on only a few hours of sleep over the course of a nine day race. If you ask Dallas he will tell you “True strength isn’t about blocking out and not feeling, it’s about feeling everything and being big enough to handle it.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of a blizzard or the thousand miles of trail before you, but Dallas has mastered the art of winning thousand mile races by taking one smart step at a time and being the shell that protects the team from the storm.

Other topics include:

  • Innovation

  • Lean concepts

  • Team Work

  • Change, how to drive it and survive it.

  • Goals, Setting AND Reaching them

  • Personal and team member development

  • Perseverance

  • Accomplishing monumental tasks in a manageable way

  • Giving your all, an honest look at your best effort

  • Winning and losing, and how to do them both well

  • How to be a fearless leader (principled decision making)

  • Building trust and confidence in a team