Do you provide a shuttle service?

For our dry land mushing and dog sledding experiences, we offer shuttle service from downtown Talkeetna.

For the guided tour experience, Salmon Berry provides shuttling too and from Anchorage.

What do I wear? Getting Dirty!

This is a hands-on, active tour. You are likely to get a little mud on you at some point along the way, whether it’s flying off the dogs feet when they’re zooming around the track or when you’re romping with puppies and retirees in the puppy play pen. You can expect dirty paws and noses to be all over you. Please dress appropriately in clothing you don’t mind getting a little dog hair and mud on. Close-toed shoes are required. Gloves and hat are recommended particularly if rain is in the forecast. Tough pants, a heavier rain jacket, and some good rain boots are always great to have around here.

What time will I be back in Talkeetna?

From the time that you begin the tour at the kennel, to the time that you say goodbye to all of the new furry friends that you have made, and depart the homestead, 2 hours and 10 minutes will have passed. Including shuttle transportation to and from the kennel, this experience will take 2:45 hours. For example, if your tour was scheduled for 8:30, you will arrive back in downtown Talkeetna around 11:10-11:15. If you have a departure time for a train or bus that you are trying to work with, please tell us in advance, and we will absolutely get you there in time!

Do I get to drive my own cart or sled?

Yes. You will be paired with another guest on a dryland mushing cart. One of you will drive the cart for the first 20+ minutes of the mush. When you arrive at the checkpoint, you will switch: the person who was riding will then be the driver (if they are comfortable doing so), and the person who was the driver will now be the passenger. When you are the passenger, this is a great opportunity for you to snap some photos of your dog team, and the beautiful birch and spruce forest!