This exciting tour introduces you to the world of dryland mushing!

Tours start from downtown Talkeetna. During the 15-minute ride from the meeting point to the Kennel, your driver will share some of the history of sled dogs in Alaska and how the Iditarod and the sport of mushing came to be such an iconic part of Alaskan history and lore.

Arrive at the ultimate sled dog playground; the year-round home and kennel of 4-time Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey. Your experienced guide will get you geared up and teach you how to drive our custom dryland mushing rigs. Each guest will share a rig with another guest from their group, taking turns driving and riding in the bucket seat (if a guest is unable to drive or is between the ages of 6 and 14, they will only ride). Please see our Driver Ability Ranking Table (DART) for more info.

Once everyone is geared up and instructions are over it’s time to hitch up the teams. Watch in awe as your team of huskies is hooked up and the entire yard clambers to be chosen and sings their choruses of pick me, pick me! When the last dog is hitched in, it’s time to rock and roll! Hang on as your team charges out of the kennel and onto our private trail system that has been specifically designed for novice dog mushers. Follow your guide as they lead the way with their own team of dogs.


This is what it’s all about! Feel the power of the team as they charge down the trail. There is something very special about traveling through the wilderness with a team of dogs and seeing the pure joy exuding from these animals as they charge down the trail.

At the halfway mark it’s time to stop and give the team a short break. Now’s a great time to get photos with your team and learn a little more about each of them. All the dogs are either retired racing dogs (many have won the Iditarod), are currently on the race team, or are the next generation in training to become the next great champions!  All the dogs at our kennel are friendly, love attention and are extremely generous with their slobber.

While the canines cool off, take a look at our replica Iditarod checkpoint and learn how these amazingly tough dogs and mushers survive and thrive on 1,000 mile endurance races through the heart of Alaska.


Once the dogs have cooled off it’s time to hit the trail again. The driver and passenger will switch places for the return trip.

Back in the kennel, get a picture with your team and give them a final pat before walking through the dog yard with your guide, learning more about how an Iditarod racing kennel operates. While touring the kennel you will learn all about how these world-class athletes live, play, and train, from puppy to retiree.


Next be joined by a pack of puppies and a couple of older dogs for a romp in our giant run pen. Throw the ball, walk with the dogs, or just have a seat and snuggle a puppy, as your guide relates their personal stories and experiences from the trail.

Lastly, your guide will walk you through some of the gear and equipment our team uses to successfully train and race in extreme winter conditions and some of the most rugged and remote environments across Alaska.

Visit the gift shop and check out the Iditarod trophy display before heading back to Talkeetna.



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