This awesome tour is an active experience. Please rank yourself and each guest in your party on the following scale. You will be asked for your activity level rank during the checkout process.

Please select the highest level you are confident you can do.

Once on the tour we will always help our guests do as much as they safely and comfortably can regardless of level selected. Accurately ranking yourself allows us to prepare for your group so that we can make sure you get the most out of this amazing experience.

If you are unsure which level to select for yourself or someone in your group please see the additional information located below the chart, or feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you make the correct selection.

At least 50% of the guests in your group should be able to drive, a strong 3 or greater and be at least 15 years old. If you believe less than 50% of your group can drive, please call us and we can explain how we can accommodate your group.


you got this!

I am physically active, regularly participating in demanding sports and activities.


You’ll do great.

I am in OK shape. I am able to do a PUSH-UP. I can jog up a short flight of stairs and can walk over uneven or rocky ground quickly and comfortably.


We’ll see when you get here.

I am not able to do a push-up. I can walk upstairs without using a railing, but I need to take my time over uneven ground.


You are going to love this tour as a passenger.

I need a railing when going up stairs. I can stand up from a sitting position unassisted. Riding in a bouncy car over a rough gravel road does not excessively bother my back or other injuries.


We have a walking tour that you might prefer.

Call and ask about pricing & availability.

Riding in a bouncy vehicle bothers my back or other injuries. I need assistance walking over uneven ground and to stand from a sitting position.


Not sure where you fit? Call us with any questions!

We can adjust the tour to accommodate some riders and drivers, with appropriate notice given to us.


Why the focus on balance and upper-body strength as a driver?

If you are operating one of the dry-land mushing rigs during the tour, you will be in a standing position on the cart, holding on with both hands, with your feet planted wider than shoulder-width apart. You need upper-body strength to control the cart (the steering and braking are nearly identical to a bicycle). Because you are in a standing position on a moving, bouncy vehicle, you need to ensure that you can keep your balance, and hang on effectively. This is why having both upper-arm strength and balance is important.

Why the focus on leg strength, arm strength, and back condition as a passenger?

Being a rider in a dryland mushing rig is similar to riding in a car over a gravel or rocky road, in the way that the cart is constantly moving, and may be very bouncy at times. There will be times where you need to use both your legs and arms to stabilize yourself in the cart. The rapid movements and bouncing of the cart may also aggravate current back injuries or chronic back issues.

What happens if you think you are a Driver, but you may not be physically able to upon arrival?

Our staff is ultimately responsible for the safety of our dogs and the guests and will make the final determination. If you are unable to drive, you will still enjoy the entire tour as a passenger. This means that you will still be able to participate in the mushing portion of the tour.

What if someone in our group does not want to or is physically unable to go on the mushing portion of the tour?

We have an amazing lodge building with a comfortable indoor and outdoor waiting area with a mountain view and cold (or warm) drinks. This is where the guest may wait while their group is on the mushing portion of the tour. After their group returns, they will join them on the walking portion of the tour in which the entire group will have the chance the romp with larger puppies in the 2-acre run-pen (if they wish), visit some of the Iditarod-winning sled dogs, learn more about how the sled dogs live, play and train, and cuddle some puppies. Call and ask us about pricing and availability for the walking tour.